06. How to use the feature “GEM RANKING”?

What does the GEM RANKING feature help investors with?

GEM RANKING is a ranking of crypto projects most invested by Sharks, helping you to know the projects that Shark finds potential and worth investing in. Thereby you can easily invest without any specialized knowledge

The ranking has 3 criteria for you to choose from, which will answer the following information: Blockchain platform, minimum investment amount in a project, and Shark’s total assets (within a certain range).

User Manual

Step 1: Select feature

Click on the GEM RANKING feature in Analysis section:

The screen will display as follows:

Step 2: Enter data

First you need to choose a blockchain platform: Ethereum Blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. Then the ranking of the cryptos (in either of these two platforms) that are most invested by the Sharks will appear:

Step 3: Read information

(1) The proportion of Sharks in the system are investing in that crypto

(2) Shark’s total asset value invested in that crypto

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