05. How to observe market’s reaction?


To see the market’s reaction of Sharks as well as recent transactions with a certain project, you use the SHARK TRADING feature.

Enter the project name in the PAST VALUE box to view recent transactions with the project. This gives you an overview of the market’s reaction to the project you want to see.

You can view the purchases and sales of all Sharks in the project you choose. An extremely useful feature is to be able to know the reaction of the market in a certain situation to make timely proper decisions.

For example, you own a large amount of CRV and the market in general and CRV, in particular, is trending down sharply in the past 24 hours. You can enter the project name CRV, the system will show the most recent transactions related to the project. There will be 3 cases:

1. If you see Sharks buying trades, it means Sharks believe this is a good time to bottom and buy more.

2. If you see Shark transactions are being sold, it shows that Sharks believe the project will have a sharp drop and it is difficult to recover the next time.

3. No or few transactions, showing Shark’s confidence that the project will recover in the near future

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