05. Investment methods with sharks

If you have a few successful crypto-investors, would they tell you where and when they’re investing? Surely not everyone is willing to share and you don’t have to ask if you are know-how.

So how can you do it?

First of all, the Sharks mentioned here are investors who have been extremely successful in the cryptocurrency market. With assets holding from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Investing under Shark means that you rely on the information of Sharks such as portfolio, capital, historical profit, trading volume, thereby finding yourself potential projects, learning how to trade, How to divide investment portfolio, and many other things… In other words, the Shark investment method is to use the wisdom, and experience of millionaire investors to make a wise investment decision for yourself. You absolutely can x10, x20, even x100, x1000 times your fortune when investing according to these Sharks because they are the ones who have or are making huge profits from the crypto market. Unlike the two traditional methods of analysis, this method does not require you to have a lot of in-depth knowledge of market analysis. Those who are new to the cryptocurrency market can still use and succeed thanks to it.

Shark investing is a completely new method, it has only appeared in the crypto market due to the transparency of the blockchain. Investors who only need to use this method can invest and succeed in the market. Or you can also combine the methods of technical analysis and muscle analysis if you want.

So how does the investment method with Shark work?

The Shark investment method works based on reading and aggregating on-chain data. include details about every transaction, transaction count, sender and receiver wallet addresses in a blockchain. Then give an analysis from this data source. The analysis is used by users as a reference and evidence for their investment decisions. Thus, the essence of this method is on-chain data-driven investing.

Although it is still young compared to the traditional investment methods of fundamental analysis and technical analysis, this method is sure to become popular and favored in the future because of its accuracy and contains a lot of money. valuable information. At the present, the crypto community is also starting to care about on-chain reports. At the same time, on-chain analysis tools or channels are also appearing more and more. Sharkscan is one of the on-chain analysis tools and one of the indispensable tools if you are looking to invest in the Sharks.

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