07. How to use the feature “SHARKS DCA”?

What does the SHARK “DCA” feature help investors with?

This feature helps you answer the question: If investing according to the Sharks in a project according to the DCA (Dollar-Cost Averaging) method – price averaging strategy, how much profit can you get?

With SHARK “DCA” you can evaluate whether Shark investment is profitable or losing if you invest according to “SharkS DCA” method.

User Manual

Step 1: Access feature

Click on the SHARK “DCA” feature in Analysis section:

The screen displays the following interface:

(1) Purchase amount: the amount you want to invest in a certain period

(2) Time: investment cycle according to milestones: monthly, weekly, …

(3) Starting time: the time to start investing the first capital

(4) Choose Crypto: 2 choices for Bitcoin or Ethereum

(5) Amount of capital: total capital spent in the whole investment cycle

(6) Profit: Profit is achieved if DCA is invested according to Shark

(7) % change: % return on invested capital.

Step 2: Enter data

Enter the amount you want to invest periodically in the box PURCHASE AMOUNT:

Then, fill in other additional information such as investment period, starting time in the following table.

In the box “CHOOSE CRYPTO”, enter the Crypto’s name or its smart contract address you want to check:

Immediately the screen below shows the chart:

(1) Yellow line: showing the profit over time

(2) Blue line: showing the amount of capital spending over time

Step 3: Read the detailed information of each Shark

Based on the above table, for example, with a monthly capital of $1000, if SAND is invested by DCA method, from August 2020 to March 2022, the total capital spent (NET) is $20,000, the profit yield (PROFIT) was $406,469.12, and change from the original amount is 2032.35%.


The SHARK “DCA” method works best when combined with GEM RANKING to filter out the best projects, and check out the SHARK WALLET to find the Sharks’ buying and selling points in recent transactions.

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