Standard And Pro Account

Standard Account

Provide information of more than 3000 Sharks in SharkScan system. When you sign up for a standard account, you will have Full access to 2 features including Shark DCA and Gem Ranking.

Shark DCA

Shark Gem

For the Shark Wallet feature, you will see the entire portfolio and transaction history of the Sharks.

You can check transaction history

In addition, you also see detailed information about Shark such as wallet address, total number of transactions, first transaction, total assets, total deposit value, total withdrawal value.


For the Similar Shark feature, you can only see the list and information of the Sharks who are investing ETH or BNB. Other projects will be restricted. The information of the Shark also has some limitations similar to the Shark Wallet feature.

In the Shark Trading feature, the limitation is that you can’t see the name of the token in each transaction and can’t see the Shark name.

In addition, the standard account does not provide Telegram Shark Bot service so you can receive signals 24/7 whenever your favorite cryptocurrencies or Sharks trade or change.

Pro Account

Pro account provides complete and detailed information of more than 3000 Sharks in the system. All features are not restricted. You can see any information about Shark and projects in the system. You can also get 24/7 notifications about your favorite cryptocurrencies or Sharks using the Telegram Shark Bot tool. Besides, you will get advanced support from SharkScan team.

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