05. How to use the feature “SIMILAR SHARK”?

What does the SIMILAR SHARK feature help investors with?

You can use the SIMILAR SHARK feature to find out the details of the amount of Sharks and the value are investing in a certain crypto project. In other words, SIMILAR SHARK helps you to find common ground between you and the Sharks.

You will know if Shark invests in a Crypto project like you: How will Shark invest? How much to invest? What is the time of deposit and withdrawal?

User Manual

Step 1: Access feature

Click on the SIMILAR SHARK in the Discovery section

The screen will display as follows:

Step 2: Enter data

To select the crypto you want to view, enter the crypto name or smart contract code in the box as shown:

Step 3: Read information

For example, if you enter the LINK project, the system will display all the Sharks who own LINK. The table on the left will show:

(1) The amount of LINK Shark are holding

(2) The total value of LINK Shark are holding

(3) The total assets of Shark’s wallet

(4) The ratio LINK occupies in Shark’s portfolio

When selecting any Shark, the right panel will display 3 identical sheets with the SHARK WALLET feature:

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