06. What is SharkScan?

Cryptocurrency is the first asset where all activities of all investors are recorded on the Blockchain. You can think of it as a statement that is 100% public and cannot be tampered. Further more, cryptocurrency can also be viewed and accessed by anyone.

If we are able to collect and study this data of millions of investors, we can measure their psychology and behavior, thereby predicting the market. That process is called On Chain analysis.

Taking advantage of that On-chain data source, SharkScan was launched as an On-chain analysis system only in Vietnam that allows tracking the portfolio of successful investors owning millions of dollars or more. SharkScan helps you to harness the investment wisdom of hundreds of investors with millions of dollars with just one click.

The system reveals to you below information:

  • The price Shark buys
  • The price Shark sells
  • Even Shark’s transactions are profit or loss.

These important pieces of information give you the best overview of the Crypto market from the perspective of successful people. Thereby, you can take advantage of the experience from the Sharks to make decisions on your investment journey.

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