04. How to use the feature “SHARK BTC WALLET”?

What does the SHARK BTC WALLET feature help investors with?

SHARK BTC WALLET is a feature that allows you to keep tracking of the top wallets containing the most Bitcoins in the world today.

These wallets include cold wallets, hot wallets from exchanges, wallets of investment funds, or individual investors around the world. All this data is collected and analyzed by SharkScan in real-time.

Thanks to that, we not only track the fluctuations in the amount of BTC going in and out of wallets but also understand the historical value of related transactions.

User Manual

Step 1: Access feature

Select the SHARK BTC WALLET feature in the Discovery section:

At this time, the screen on the left shows the following:

(1) Sharks: List of Shark names

(2) Balance: Total number of Bitcoin that Shark holds

(3) Total asset: Total value of current asset in the wallet

(4) First trading: The first time Shark made a transaction with Bitcoin

Step 2: Read information

Choose any Shark or click on the “Search” icon to enter the Shark name then click Search

The right screen displays 3 sheets as follows:

(1) Chart: The price and point of depositing or withdrawing BTC chart in Shark’s wallet

(2) Transaction History: Contains Shark’s entire BTC transaction history

(3) Detailed Info: Detailed information about Shark’s wallet


Bitcoin price chart, clearly showing when Shark deposits (green dot) and when Shark withdraws (red dot). At each dot also shows the amount and value of BTC that Shark deposited/ withdrew at that time.

There are 5 chart options including:

  • Latest 1 week (1w)
  • Latest 1 month (1m)
  • Latest 6 months (6m)
  • Latest 1 year (1y)
  • Full time (All)

Besides, you also can view this chart in full screen or download it as PNG, JPEG or PDF file:

Transaction history

This section is similar to the Transaction History section in the Shark Wallet feature, but it only includes BTC

Transaction history includes:

Time: Time of shark transaction BTC

Transaction: Transaction address on Blockchain

Part value

(1) The amount of BTC that the shark deposits (green) or withdraws (red) in each transaction 

(2) The price of BTC at the time of the transaction

(3) The total value of that BTC 

Present value:

(4) The total present value of the amount of BTC in each transaction

(5) The percentage of profit of this BTC transaction

(6) The current price of that amount of BTC

Detailed Info

This section provides detailed information about Shark’s BTC wallet throughout the history of participation in the Crypto market as follows:

  • Name: Name + Number Shark
  • Address: Shark’s wallet address on Blockchain
  • First time in: BTC value at the time of first deposit into the wallet
  • First time out: BTC value at the time of first withdraw from the wallet
  • Last time in: BTC value at the time of last deposit into the wallet
  • Last time out: BTC value at the time of the last withdrawing from the wallet
  • Average price in: The average price of transactions loaded into the wallet
  • Average price out: The average price of transactions when withdrawing from wallet
  • Total value in: The total value of BTC depositing in Shark’s wallet
  • Total value out: The total value of BTC withdrawing in Shark’s wallet
  • Current holding value: The total value of BTC currently holding by Shark

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